Avoid these diseases by eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables

Avoid these diseases by eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables

We assume that you have heard over and over again that the consumption of fruits and vegetables offers multiple benefits for your body. Today we want to tell you from the Terra Fresh Foods blog how consuming 5 to 10 servings of fresh fruit or vegetables can also help prevent some of the most destructive and dangerous diseases from entering our bodies.

5-a-day-closedA few years ago, the “5 a day” campaign was promoted in different countries, where it was emphasized to acquire the habit of consuming 5 pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables a day for both children and adults. The benefits of said diet were promoted both in the sense of responsible consumption to lead a healthy and balanced life as well as due to the benefits it provides to prevent and fight against common and chronic diseases.

Recently a new study was published by the Imperial College of London that takes this subject a little further. The study recommends the usual consumption of up to 10 pieces of fruit or vegetables daily (equivalent to about 800 grams a day) to prevent premature deaths (estimated up to 7.8 million a year).

On our blog and website you can find information about each product (www.terrafreshfoods.com/en/products), including the benefits and nutrients that each one provides as well as the diseases they help us prevent.

They also ensure that a diet of these characteristics with so many nutrients, clearly reduce cholesterol levels and increase the strength and irrigation of blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of suffering heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Tropical fruits (papaya, dragon fruit, mango, longan …), citrus (tangelo, kumquat …), berries (blackberrie, raspberrie …), baby vegetables (baby corn, baby carrot, baby squash …) gourmet vegetables (french bean, snow pea, sugar snap…), there are multiple options of fresh products that you can discover and incorporate into your kitchen. Feel encouraged to introduce or increase, if you already do, fruits and vegetables into your normal diet.

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