Monstera, the unknown flavourful fruit

Monstera, the unknown flavourful fruit

monstera terra fresh foods tropical fruitYou may not know it by its name but perhaps you have seen a plant like the one pictured below. It is known in English by it’s Spanish name, Monstera Deliciosa.

Mexican natives named it “Monstera”, derived from the Latin word for Monster, because their leaves look like the hands of a giant. The plant is also referred to, in Spanish, as Adam’s rib, due to the peculiar shape of its large leaves which, in some ways, are reminiscent of a ribcage.

What makes this plant unique is that it offers a tasty fruit with a corncob shape that very few have ever heard of, even upon seeing it, you wouldn’t have imagined that it was edible and would have so much flavor.

monstera terra fresh foods

monstera terra fresh foods

This plant has a widespread decorative use, while it’s use as a crop makes it possible to obtain one of the most striking exotic fruits. Upon reaching ripeness, the rind’s hard scales begin falling off, and when we cut it, clean it, and taste the delicious whitish-color flesh inside, the flavour reminds us of a banana or cherimoya. If you want to know the origin of Monstera you can read it here.

How to consume?

It can be consumed in different ways, like any other tropical fruit, but to help you we suggest the following ideas:

-In summer or hot weather you can use the pulp in salads or cold dishes. This is the time of year when fruit salads are highly recommended due to the high water content that helps us stay well-hydrated. In addition to providing a different flavor, the fruit also offers a lot of vitamin C.

– It’s common to use the fruit for making jam. You can try making a homemade version by adding sugar and lemon. Its texture is perfect for producing a great jam.monstera terra fresh foods tropicals

-Make a delicious and healthy milkshake or smoothie. You can supplement the monstera, with other fruits like banana or orange, any kind of berry, or some other tropical fruits such as mango, papaya or kiwi.

-If you like baked goods, the fruit is a good addition to cakes or even cupcakes.

And that is the “Monstera Delicious“, a tropical fruit that will add a twist to your dishes and will pleasantly surprise your guests.

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