Think in Kumquat!

Think in Kumquat!

The Kumquat, meaning “golden tangerine” in Cantonese, is the smallest fruit belonging to the citrus family. Its shape is oval with an orange hue and can be eaten whole with its peel. It grows in clusters and its size can reach up to 5 cm. The fruit originated in China and spread to Europe and America during the 19th century.

Like a true citrus foot, the taste is acidic and the rind shifts between a sweet and bitter flavor, whereas inside, the flesh is sour and bitter. You can find it in season between the months of November to March, when the fruit reaches its peak of ripeness.

The Kumquat is a fruit rich in calories and high levels of Vitamin C, which makes it ideal for fighting colds during the winter season. Furthermore, its high flavonoid and folic acid content  prevents and helps fight cardiovascular disease by protecting our arteries and our heart.

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But how do we eat a Kumquat? Very simple, the first option is fresh and whole, skin and all, especially as an addition to delicious vegetable or fruit salads.

If we want something more elaborate in the kitchen, we can use the Kumquat in desserts like cakes or pies, or use it to make sauces that go perfectly with meat, such as duck or pork.

Other multiple uses of this exquisite fruit include a number of products derived from it. Much like other citrus fruits, such as oranges, we can use the Kumquat for making jams, preserves, or for pickling, and we can even find Kumquat Liqueur.

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