This is Hands Of Terra

This is Hands Of Terra

We could explain what Hands Of Terra is with one single quote:

“Someday you’ll have the power to change things in the world, so use it well”.

This quote contains the essence of the existence of #HandsOfTerra. It is a joint initiative which is linked to the culture of the company.

Not only does the company aim to help children and women in exclusion worldwide but also seeks to raise awareness and involve people and institutions in the business community and social partners with which Terra Fresh Foods works and can be easily reached.

The foundation is to promote solidarity as part of our thinking and our actions and the goal is to help children and women who need help to emerge from exclusion and safeguard their physical and moral integrity. The projects carried out seek to help achieve this through education, training, and development of those people and areas hit by social injustice.

Like all projects, #HandsOfTerra started from nothing with only the belief of someday achieving its goals, because if there is something beautiful in life, it is to dream, even more so to involve oneself in making it a reality.

That is why the philosophy of Terra, the very essence of the company, is implicit in each one of its members, because their vision and involvement are the true essence for which they can reach their proposed solidarity goals.


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